Scholarship Terms

The Kott Gerontology Program scholarships provide $10,000 for a standard academic year, paid directly to interns’ universities for deposit into their personal student accounts. Three equal payments are disbursed during the fall, winter and spring.  Interns are required to be registered as full-time students during their internships to maintain their scholarships.  Partial and part-year scholarships are not offered, and internships are offered in the summer only under specific conditions relating to professional training schedules. The funds are for use as directed by individual Kott Gerontology Scholars to defray their academic expenses, including tuition, loan repayment and other expenses, and not for deposit into general university scholarship funds.  It is the responsibility of interns to ensure that payments are deposited into their accounts by their respective universities and to manage how these funds are used.  Interns are required to participate in no less than 720 hours of on-site field experience to receive academic credit, regardless of the field work requirements of their respective academic institutions.  Interns will not receive field credit from consortium agencies until these hours have been completed in total within the standard academic year.  Interns who fail to receive a passing grade in their field experience from their respective academic institutions for any grading period, withdraw from or change academic programs, voluntarily withdraw from the Kott Gerontology Scholars Program, fail to demonstrate sufficient progress in completing their commitment of Kott field work hours, or are terminated by their consortium agency for any reason, will not receive the balance of any remaining scholarship payments. Internship site assignments are the responsibility of the Kott Gerontology Institute in consultation with consortium members, and take into consideration agency needs, interns’ preferences, and commuting time in making assignments.


Advanced graduate students enrolled in university programs accredited by the professional organizations that they represent are eligible for scholarships.  Kott Gerontology Scholars represent a range of professions that have included social work, psychology, counseling, law, occupational therapy, art therapy, physical therapy and other professions serving the elderly. The Kott Gerontology Institute strives to expand through its internships the range of professionals that will continue to serve seniors after graduation. Because the consortium has determined that the fundamental skills and experience obtained during initial graduate-level field work are essential prerequisites for predicting a successful Kott internship experience, first-year  and entry-level graduate students, including those who enter graduate school with advanced standing in fields such as social work, are not eligible for internships. The relationship between agencies and university field liaisons involves in-person collaboration that precludes the eligibility of internships for students enrolled in internet-based degree programs and graduate programs located outside of the Chicago area.


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